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You might be thinking, "My condo association has insurance. Aren't I covered?" The appropriate response: yes and no.
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You might be thinking, “My condo association has insurance. Aren’t I covered?” The appropriate response: yes and no. While your condominium association insurance covers the structure, you need a different arrangement to secure your individual unit, individual property, and individual responsibility. That is the place where ASI comes in, to fill in that hole for you and ensure what your association’s master policy doesn’t.

Understanding Condo Insurance vs. Condo Association Insurance

There are 3 types of condo association policies

            Prior to picking a condo insurance policy for your home, you’ll need to comprehend what your association master policy covers, so you don’t buy pointless extra coverage. The condo association records describe what it covers and assist you with figuring out what kind of inclusion you need. Following are the three common types of master policies that a condo association may choose from: All in all-inclusive condo insurance, special entity condo insurance, and bare walls in condo coverage.

What HO-6 condo insurance covers

            Once you own a condo unit, you’ll need to get your own HO-6 insurance policy. It will cover harm inside the unit including floors and roofs, individual property, and risk claims. Models remember a break-for, water harm to your kitchen dividers, or somebody slipping on your wet washroom floor. Below are some of the losses that typical condo insurance will cover:

  • Frozen pipes
  • Smoke damage
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Weather
  • Fire

There is a good chance that condo policies have exclusions, most of the time it excludes flood and earthquake damage. But there are separate policies available in that scenario. So before you move forward make sure to review your policy’s exclusions with your agent and get separate coverage for excluded scenarios if required.

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